Simtech — About Us

Simtech Aviation is an award-winning aviation training facility based near Dublin International Airport, Ireland.

As an ATO, Simtech Aviation works closely with over fifteen different airlines, across three aircraft types – Boeing, Airbus and ATR. As a training provider for future commercial pilots, Simtech Aviation is an industry recognised European leader in the EASA required APS/MCC and MCC/JOC course. We also conduct type-rating courses in addition to offering ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ training on our simulator fleet.

With 20 years’ experience, Simtech Aviation has achieved its success and global reputation based on the quality of our instructors, state-of-the-art simulators and our highly specialised and experienced engineering team.

The instructors at Simtech Aviation are what separates us from the competition. Our experience working with the world’s leading airlines has proved to be invaluable when training the future generation of pilots. Not only are our instructors extremely experienced, but they hold some or all of the following qualifications and titles, MCCi, Training Captain, TRI, TRE and (formerly) ‘Chief Airline Pilot’ with their respective airline(s)

Simtech Aviation operates a fleet of Fixed-base (Boeing 737-800NG & generic XJ) and Full-motion (Airbus 320 and an ATR72-600) simulators in its purpose built, state of the art facility located beside Dublin Airport.

Future cadets are guided along their journey with a dedicated team who help and liaise with cadets before, during and after their time at Simtech Aviation. As an ATO which works closely with airlines, we are able to advise cadets of upcoming First Officer roles while preparing cadets to individual airline requirements.


B737-800W FTD-1 simulator

The new addition to the Simtech range, the MPS 737-800 FTD-1, features simulated FMS and full autopilot, flight director and autothrottle and all aircraft systems (hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrics).

The MPS FTD-1 simulator is a full replica flight deck of the Boeing 737-800 to put you in the front seat of your flight training.

A320 Full-flight simulator

The A320 FFS is a short to medium range commercial aircraft manufactured by Airbus. Introduced to the market on the 28th March 1988, pioneering the Fly-by-wire Flight Control Systems in a commercial aircraft. As of today, over 3000 of these aircraft have been built making it the second most popular commercial aircraft in the world.

The CAE-built Airbus A320 Full Flight simulator is EASA FSTD Level D certified.

Generic Single Aisle Twin Commercial Aircraft (XJ) Fixed-base simulator

The XJ Trainer, configured as a generic commercial narrow-body commercial aircraft, is used to train cadets for Multi-Crew (MCC) cooperation and jet transition in a modern jet cockpit environment.

The Mechtronix-built device is certified FNPT II by the Irish Aviation Authority.