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Corporate Leadership & Team Building


Experience the thrill of being a pilot and apply leadership & team-building skills from the world of aviation in an aircraft simulator. Our simulators are available to hire for team building, staff reward days or corporate events up to 8 people. 

THIS ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EXPERIENCE allows companies, their employees and/or customers to live their dreams of being a pilot, and to experience what it is really like to fly a plane. 

At the same time, you will enhance and apply the skills of leadership, decision-making and team communications, and be able to practice these skills in the safe environment of an aircraft simulator.

TAILOR-MADE FOR YOUR COMPANY’S REQUIREMENTS We can customise the sessions to reflect the leadership competencies and values of your company, creating events and exercises to match your requirements. 


You will be fully briefed and guided by a highly-qualified instructor before stepping into our state-of-the-art aircraft simulators that Simtech uses to train commercial pilots. You will learn how to take off and land from an airport of your choice and will also experience different weather conditions and how to adapt their flying accordingly. You will take control and navigate the skies with your co-pilot, experiencing the full thrill of flying. While at Simtech, you will get a guided tour of our facilities. You will hear about the aviation, aircraft simulator & training markets, as well as the role Simtech plays in training pilots across the globe and our experience working with the world’s leading airlines. Our instructors have extensive experience flying and teaching and have plenty of anecdotes and war stories to share. The session will wrap up with time for Q&A.

FORMAT (2.5-3 hours for 4 people) 


1. Real-time application of key leadership, decision-making and teamwork skills.
2. Unique experience in a real aircraft simulator used by commercial pilots.
3. Dynamic and engaging instructors that are flying/have flown with major airlines. Prices vary according to group size and company requirements.

Gift Experiences (for 2 people to fly in the simulator) are available for corporations to give as presents and/or incentives to their teams and customers.