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Our latest-generation flight simulators are available to airlines and training organisations for dry lease. We offer both full-flight (ATR 72-600, ATR 72-500 and A320) and fixed base (737-800 and XJ) devices.

ATR 72-600

Simtech Aviation’s ATR72-600 is available for dry hire for both individual pilots and airlines at our ATR72-600/500 Centre of Excellence, located in our training facility beside Dublin International Airport.

We offer competitive pricing and our training devices are state-of-the-art with a reliability of over 99%. Training and maintenance support provided 24/7/365 days a year. Includes access to fully equipped briefing rooms and classrooms.

ATR 72-500

The Level D FFS ATR 72-500 simulator enables our customers easier access to train their crews and provide additional training capacity for the ATR72-500 operator’s market.

This AXIS-built ATR 72-500 full flight simulator is fully compliant to the latest specifications, including UPRT Full/Post Stall and is EASA/UK CAA FSTD level D certified.


The A320 FFS is a short to medium range commercial aircraft manufactured by Airbus. Introduced to the market on the 28th March 1988, pioneering the Fly-by-wire Flight Control Systems in a commercial aircraft. As of today, over 3000 of these aircraft have been built making it the second most popular commercial aircraft in the world.

The CAE-built Airbus A320 Full Flight simulator is EASA FSTD Level D certified.