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Pilot Training Centre of Excellence

Simtech Aviation’s state-of-the-art pilot training facilities are available for wet or dry hire. We are an internationally-renowned ATO, with aviation professionals delivering APS MCC, MCC/JOC and Type Rating training to student and professional pilots from across the world.

World class award-winning aviation training facility

Simtech Aviation is an award-winning training facility based near Dublin International Airport.

As a leading European ATO, Simtech Aviation works closely with over fifteen different airlines, across three aircraft types – Boeing, Airbus and ATR. With 21 years’ experience. It has achieved its success and global reputation based on the quality of its instructors, state-of-the-art simulators and a highly specialised engineering team.

Simtech operates a fleet of fixed-base (Boeing 737-800NG & generic XJ) and full-motion (Airbus 320, ATR72-600 and ATR72-500) simulators in its purpose built 1,860sqm facility. Simtech’s Pilot Training Centre of Excellence has been designed from the ground up to maximise your learning, comfort and flexibility.

As a training provider for future Commercial Airline pilots, Simtech is an acknowledged industry leader in the EASA Advanced Pilot Standard APS MCC and MCC/JOC, and the UK CAA APS MCC and since its inception, Simtech has trained thousands of cadets. It also conducts ATR type-ratings and offers ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ training.

It is the people at Simtech that make the difference – we are committed to the highest standards, collaborating actively with our airline, pilot and ATO customers to get the best results for them.

For Cadets

Working with the world’s leading Airlines has proven to be invaluable when training pilots and it is the quality of Simtech’s instructors that separates them from other ATO’s. All Simtech instructors are extremely experienced Airline and Corporate Jet Pilots on many different aircraft types and hold some or all of the following credentials: MCCI; Training Captain; TRI; TRE and (formerly) ‘Chief Airline Pilot’ with their respective airlines.

Future Simtech cadets are guided along their journey by a dedicated team before, during and after their time at Simtech Aviation. As an ATO working closely with airlines, Simtech advises cadets of upcoming First Officer roles while preparing cadets for individual airline requirements.

APS MCC - Advanced Course


APS MCC - Advanced Course

This is an advanced Multi-Crew Coordination course, training pilots to operate in a multi-crew environment to the EASA and UK CAA ‘Airline Pilot Standard’.

4 days in ground school 40 hours in sim
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MCC/JOC Course


MCC/JOC Course

This is an EASA approved combined Multi-Crew Cooperation and Jet Orientation course.

3 days in ground school 28 hours in sim
No VAT charged on Pilot Training in Ireland View Course No VAT charged on Pilot Training in Ireland


What our past students say

Eero Jyrkkio

“I finished my MCC/JOC course at Simtech and got accepted at Ryanair later that year. Simtech’s comprehensive procedures and experienced instructors prepared me for the assessment, introducing a more complex aircraft seamlessly. The supportive staff made the entire experience positive. I highly recommend Simtech for a great MCC experience or a pre-Airline Assessment refresher.”


Simone Capriotti

“During my APS MCC course at Simtech, I found the staff and instructors were fantastic and always smiling. The instructors are amazing, with a high level of knowledge and experience – and a real passion for teaching. Simtech gave me the first-class training I needed to join the world of commercial aviation.”

Pete Friel

“Simtech was an excellent choice for my APS MCC course. Their instructors have a wide range of Airline experience and bring their deep knowledge and practical experience to the course. The facilities are excellent and the assistance with Airline Assessments was also invaluable.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for a top-notch APS course or with an Airline Assessment coming up.”

Roberto Andreoli

“I would like to thank all the Instructors and staff at Simtech because they gave me the best training to get started in this beautiful world which is commercial aviation. Now I can say that I’m part of it, and it is also thanks to them I was successful in getting the job I wanted at Air Dolomiti.”

Alex Egger

“Simtech’s MCC JOC course brought me one step closer towards my goal of becoming an Airline Pilot. The high standard provided during theory classes and simulator sessions helped a lot with scoring a job as a First Officer with Lufthansa Group. Not only did I learn so much, but I also had a really great time at Simtech!”

Domenico Ranieri

“From my first day at Simtech, I knew I was in the right place. I was surrounded by great people and very professional pilots. Every lesson was structured to reach the right “know how”. I particularly enjoyed all the instructors sharing their flight experiences inside and outside the Sim.

Everything was perfect. I can highly recommend Simtech’s APS MCC course. It’s thanks to them that I’m here as First Officer at AeroItalia.”

News & Events

Open Days at Simtech Aviation

At Simtech, we always look forward to welcoming new cadets, showing them our state-of-the-art facilities and giving them the opportunity to meet with some of our highly experienced instructors and team.

If you would like to book an ‘Open Day’ with us for your Flight School cadets, please call or email us and our team would be delighted to help make arrangements for you.


Airline Recruitment

Providing airlines with a selection of quality pilot candidates that have been trained to the highest standards.

Simtech runs MCC-JOC and APS courses for student pilots from across Europe, and is recognised by international airlines as a top European MCC provider, delivering to the highest standards with Instructors who are Captains, TRIs or TREs.

Key Numbers

Our cadets fly for 70 different airlines

Our cadets fly 28 different aircraft

Simulator attained reliability of 99%

Latest Insights

Women in Aviation

Female pilots share their positive experiences of pursuing a traditionally male-career and offer essential guidance to women aspiring to earn their wings.

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