Cadet Courses

Learn about our APS MCC and MCC/JOC courses.

Our Courses

We provide 4 course types for cadets

  • Airline Pilot Standard (APS MCC)
  • Multi-Crew Cooperation/Jet Orientation Course (MCC/JOC)
  • Pre-Assessment Preparation
  • Advanced Interview Course – In partnership with ASP

Read more about each of our courses below.


APS MCC - Advanced Course

Aviation Industry Award Winner – Simtech Aviation’s industry recognised Airline Pilot Standard or APS MCC is an advanced MCC course that prepares pilots to work in a multi-crew environment and to be ready for Type Rating. This course is approved by EASA and the UK CAA. 

Open up your world to a choice of Airlines – Simtech provides the skills and training to afford cadets the very best in APS MCC training, opening up your employment opportunities to a choice of airlines. 

Highly experienced Pilot Instructors – Simtech Instructors are native English speakers and are vastly experienced Airline and Corporate Jet Pilots, flying many different aircraft types for major airlines, flagship, regional and low cost carriers.

EASA Approved Course


Aviation Industry Award Winner – Simtech Aviation’s industry recognised MCC is a combined MCC/JOC or Multi-Crew Cooperation/Jet Orientation Course.

Up until now, you have been trained to fly in a single crew environment, responsible for every aspect of the operation of a flight, from planning, pre-flight checking, flying, cockpit checks, radio communications, descent and landing.

The MCC/JOC course integrates these skills and adapts them, teaching the cadet to work in a multi-crew environment and to learn procedures used in everyday airline operations.

Pre-Assessment Prep

Our Airline Pre-Assessment and Refresher Courses take place in the MPS FTD-1 Simulator, a full replica flight deck of the Boeing 737-800, putting you in the front seat of your flight training.

Our instructors are also assessors and have helped thousands of cadets pass their assessments. They know exactly what the airlines are looking for in a cadet and will impart this knowledge to you throughout the session

Advanced Interview Course

The secrets of airline selections unveiled by a professional airline recruiter. All the tools you need to understand the recruitment process and be successful at your interviews.

To help you get your dream job as a pilot, we’ve partnered with ASP to offer a comprehensive e-Learning Programme which equips you with the additional professional training you need to secure an interview at an airline, and then to perform your best during the interview process.