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Simtech conduct a wide range of training and courses including ATR72 600 EASA/IAA Type Ratings for pilots and airlines, Instructor training, renewals and re-validations and flight and cabin courses.

Renewals and Revalidations

Simtech provides Type Rating Revalidations and Renewals. A revalidation of a type-rating consists of a licence Proficiency Check within the 90 days preceding the expiry date of the Type Rating. The aim of a renewal training course is to renew an expired type rating. Renewal training can only be conducted by an ATO and the amount of training required is determined on a case-by-case basis.

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ATR 42/72 600 Instructors Rating (TRI/SFI)

The TRI/SFI course aims to provide the comprehensive training and assessment to the candidate Instructors that is required in order to issue a TRI or SFI certificate (Simulator restricted) in accordance with EASA regulations.

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ATR 72 600 Type Rating

Simtech conducts ATR72 600 EASA Type Ratings for pilots and airlines. Our ATR 72-600 Type rating programme is IAA and EASA approved. It is an intensive program which can be customised and adapted to meet your airline and crew’s unique requirements and is considered one of the most advanced and comprehensive ATR72-600 type rating training programs available. Our highly experienced instructor team have gained knowledge and expertise operating as pilots and instructors around the world, ensuring your crews will receive the most relevant and current training available.

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Other Courses

Simtech is an ‘Approved Security Training Organisation’ (ASTO). We deliver a range of approved security training courses to flight crew and cabin crew

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