ATR 42/72-600 Revalidation/Renewal - Simtech

Simtech can provide Type Rating Revalidations & Renewals.


A revalidation of a type-rating consists of a licence Proficiency Check within the 90 days preceding the expiry date of the Type Rating.


The aim of a renewal training course is to renew an expired type rating. Renewal training can only be conducted by an ATO and the amount of training required is determined on a case by case basis by ATO taking the following factors into account:

  • the amount of time a rating has expired
  • experience level of the applicant
  • whether or not the applicant has a current rating on another aircraft type etc.

For any renewal training programme both theoretical and practical refresher training is completed before a Licence Proficiency check. Simtech provides various renewal training programmes that are designed to meet the requirements of the applicant.

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