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Simtech Aviation Offers ATPL Training with ASG

15 March, 2021

New Partnership:

Simtech Aviation has agreed a partnership to work closely with ASG to provide students with preferential access and rates to undertake Simtech Aviation’s industry leading APS-MCC (Airline Pilot Specific Multi-Crew Co-operation) and MCC-JOC (Multi-Crew Co-operation and Jet Orientation Course) courses. ASG will also now provide ATPL theory training on behalf of Simtech Aviation and its customers.

Key ATPL theory features:

All ATPL theory training can be completed online, including revision classes, or students can elect to alternate between attending class online (login) or in-class (sit-in).

  • If attending classes remotely, there are no travel or visa costs
  • Students can elect to sit the ATPL examinations in any EASA member state
  • The industry’s leading ATPL instructional team (see here for details)

An ATPL cadet focusing on his theory studies.

Commenting on the partnership, Diarmuid O’Riordan (ASG founder), noted:

We are delighted to partner with Simtech Aviation which has been a pillar brand in aviation training for many years. Both ASG & Simtech Aviation have a firm vision of delivering the highest quality aviation training.

ASG’s administrative and classroom facilities will now be permanently based at Simtech’s unique aviation training centre. Our ATPL students are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn in a 20,000 square feet training centre located right next to Dublin Airport in a facility which has been designed from the ground up to provide a best-in-class learning environment for aviation professionals. We are fortunate to share this fantastic facility with a number of airlines and training organisations and it houses a fleet of Full-motion and fixed-base Flight Simulation Devices, some of which our students get to sample on their breaks from classes. It really is a unique aviation training environment which is ideal for any aspiring aviation student.

Current ATPL cadets discussing their modules and subjects.

Although it is not the most expensive component of Pilot training, the decision as to where to complete an APS/MCC/JOC course is one of the most important choices which a student will face in terms of their likely success with Airline Assessments and subsequent Type Ratings. I completed my own MCC/JOC course with Simtech Aviation so I can personally testify to the exceptional standard of Pilot training that they provide. There is simply no better preparation for a job with an Airline and we are delighted to be able to expand our partnership with them”.

Des Wynne, Simtech Aviation Sales Director, added:

We are delighted to offer ATPL theory courses as a part of our overall services offering. This will enable both enable experienced ICAO Commercial Pilot License holders convert to an EASA license and EASA PPL holders looking to move to a Commercial Pilots License complete their theory course with some of the best instructors in the industry.

The added benefit of being able to attend the classes via an online platform enables us to access the global training market and we are excited by the potential opportunities.